Read our mission to ensure your work is a good fit. Read back issues to get acquainted with the journal. All work is published online biannually (spring & fall). We proudly nominate six authors each  year for the Pushcart Prize, two poets for the Best New Poets anthology, up to eight flash pieces for the Best Microfiction anthology, and up to four debut short stories for the PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize for Emerging Writers.

  • Journal submissions are closed from May 15th-Aug 15th. Reviews remain open year round.
  • We do not accept previously published material.
  • We accept unsolicited simultaneous submissions. Update your submission’s status in Submittable if accepted elsewhere; never email.
  • A brief cover letter is helpful but not required.
  • We encourage, but don’t require, web formatted prose (no indents, single-spaced, one space between paragraphs).
  • We respond generally within three months. Message us through Submittable if longer than six months; never email.
  • The honorarium for publication is $25 dependent on successful completion of a W-9 form or W-8 BEN per IRS reporting requirements.
  • We ask for first serial rights and the right to keep a copy of the publication in our archives. All other rights revert back to the author after publication.
  • We ask that authors mention that the work saw first publication in Newfound for future reprints.
  • Send 15 to 30 pages of poetry. Please include no more than one poem per page.
  • Simultaneous submissions and previously published poems are acceptable.
  • All entries must be sent online via our submission manager and be contained in a single document.
  • The author’s name should not appear in the document (.docx).
  • A non-refundable $15 reading fee must accompany your work. If our reading fee is prohibitive, email editor [at] newfound [dot] org for a manuscript fee waiver. We can offer a few a year.
  • Students (past and present), relatives, and close friends of the judge are ineligible.

We love learning more about a writer/artist’s inspiration, projects, interests, and what’s next for them. We welcome interviews of first-time authors and authors publishing with small or university presses.

We are looking publish up to 4 interviews per issue; we run two issues online-only each year (March and October).

Check out some examples of the kinds of questions and conversations we seek:

We seek to publish historically underrepresented and misrepresented voices in all sections, including Interviews. Under/misrepresented voices include, but are not limited to, creators who identify as Black, POC, and Indigenous. Work from LGBTQAI+ creators is sought. We celebrate work from creators who live with mental and physical disabilities, and neurodiversity. We seek work from creators who are currently serving or formerly served time in prison, or are experiencing or have experienced homelessness. We also uplift voices from creators who hold undocumented, refugee, or asylum-seeker status or are socioeconomically marginalized. We celebrate work from folx who are 50+ years of age. If you have an Unruly Body, tell us about it here.

When we publish online, we use web formatting. This means:

  • Single-spaced
  • No indents at start of paragraph
  • One space between paragraphs

Feel free to submit works that are formatted this way.

Content Warnings and Explicit Content: Please do not submit any violent or explicit sexual content, especially gross-out or gratuitous depictions of rape, or anything that minimizes sexual trauma. Submissions with casual and/or blatant support of misogyny, bigotry, racism,  homophobia, transphobia, etc. will not be considered. Our submissions are read by human beings who volunteer to keep this journal running. To protect those readers, we value Content Warnings, which we recommend including in your cover letter as well.

Failure to follow these warnings may result in rejection of the submission or a ban of the author from Newfound Journal.

NOTE: Our team is made up of writers and creatives, too. We expect that everything you submit to Newfound will be under consideration elsewhere. That said, Please Withdraw your submission from our publication if it is accepted elsewhere. This helps our team and is an act of good literary citizenship.

We no longer accept review copies through Submittable--we work directly with publishers and authors. Thank you for your understanding.

Newfound publishes reviews of books, film, television, music, art, etc. We aim to write reviews that are critical, complex, creative, and culturally-minded. Experimental and hybrid forms welcome, as well as works that deal with multiple texts or objects.

If you are interested in writing a review for us, submit a query. We maintain a list of titles we would like reviewed, but do accept suggestions. Please include a short author bio (2-3 lines) and examples of your writing. If you would like to review a specific title, include a brief description of the work and why you think it fits (1-2 paragraphs).

Please keep in mind that submission does not guarantee review. We receive many more submissions than we are able to publish.

If you want to send a review, please submit to our reviews editors here:

Currently, we are looking for volunteers for these roles at Newfound:

  • Assistant Editor for Reviews

Interested? Don’t see your ideal position but still want to join the team? Send a letter of interest and résumé.

Note: Through our journal and press, Newfound is committed to amplifying voices from a spectrum of POC identities, including Black, Indigenous, Latinx/Chicanx, Asian Pacific Islander, and Middle Eastern writers, LGBTQ2+ folx, as well as writers who identify as disabled, poor/working class, rural, and those working outside of academia. Hate has no home here. We will not publish writers that disparage people from historically underrepresented groups.