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Newfound publishes reviews of books, film, television, music, art, etc. Reviews should consider at least one object of culture that has been published at most one year prior to our next published issue or is a forthcoming publication.

We prefer reviews that are critical, complex, creative, and culturally-minded. Experimental and hybrid forms welcome, as well as works that deal with multiple texts or objects.

Please send work that is 1200-5000 words in length with a short author bio (2-3 lines).

When we publish on the web, we use web formatting. This means:

  • Single-spaced
  • No indents at start of paragraph
  • One space between paragraphs

Feel free to submit works that are formatted this way.

We accept simultaneous submissions. However, if your work is accepted elsewhere, we ask that you notify us.

If you want to send a query, please submit to our reviews editors here: https://newfound.submittable.com/submit/160726/review-queries

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.