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Flash, micro, and hybrid work—if it's brief (<1,000 words) and cutting edge, fiction or nonfiction, we're publishing it.

 When we publish on the web, we use web formatting. This means:

  • Single-spaced
  • No indents at start of paragraph
  • One space between paragraphs

Feel free to submit works that are formatted this way. 

We will consider up to 3 stories per submission or 3 separate submissions, but no more than 3 per author per submission period.

Looking to publish short stories, essays, or self-standing novel excerpts? Submit your work to our Fiction (https://newfound.submittable.com/submit/1423/fiction) or Creative Nonfiction (https://newfound.submittable.com/submit/1426/creative-nonfiction) sections.

Content Warnings and Explicit Content: Please do not submit any violent or explicit sexual content, especially gross-out or gratuitous depictions of rape, or anything that minimizes sexual trauma. Submissions with casual and/or blatant support of misogyny, bigotry, racism,  homophobia, transphobia, etc. will not be considered. Our submissions are read by human beings who volunteer to keep this journal running. To protect those readers, we value Content Warnings, which we recommend including in your cover letter as well.

Failure to follow these warnings may result in rejection of the submission or a ban of the author from Newfound Journal. 

NOTE: Our team is made up of writers and creatives, too. We expect that everything you submit to Newfound will be under consideration elsewhere. That said, Please Withdraw your submission from our publication if it is accepted elsewhere! This helps our team and is an act of good literary citizenship.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.